8. Production Block 2

Creative and Technical – Website

As promised in my last post Production Block 1, I have designed ‘Beauty and the Media’ website, click here to view it.

Shown above is an overview of the website, it has been populated with my graphics within a WordPress template. The header allowed me to have mp4 media, this is what I was looking for, so I have created an After Effects animated short, an introduction to the site. The animation was planned in Illustrator, I used my iPhone to film my nieces who meet the target audience age range, I am reaching out to. The branding is working alongside my social media and email campaign. 

Structure planned in Illustrator with some graphics.

Website media header in After Effects, where I added additional graphics

The site also shows snapshot insights, through infographics to encourage further inquiry by both the target audiences the 18-25 year-olds and brands.

The image of the girl with the phone is my niece, I used the effect to emulate pixels in relation to digital media. I have also got an email address for people to get in touch about the topic. Within the Insights (my blog) on this site, I have added the good-cause awareness campaign concepts with explanations.

Out-of-Home Campaign

The OOH awareness campaign is simple, it is to evoke curiosity, using the tagline from the viral campaign and to push #brandsunfiltered. Changing people’s habits is complex but starting the conversation on the topic and promoting a positive message is a starter for 10.

Similar to the hoarding design, this bus shelter billboard poster advert is re-formatted to size with the addition of ‘Brands react to consumer behaviour, let’s talk on social media’.

The OOH awareness campaign continues on bus space adverts taking the campaign from digital media to the streets.

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