9. Campaign Production and Conclusion

Campaign Posters

Campaign posters are set in an urban environment.

Advert and Advertorial for publication

Advertisement within a beauty magazine with an advertorial about the campaign.

Media Promotion

Through research I found out how to write copy for a press release this should be between 200 and 500 words. Include:

  • Headline
  • Date
  • Contact information
  • Summary
  • Intro paragraph
  • Detail paragraphs
  • About
The five W’s:

The five W’s are who, what, when, where, and why. This is the most important information in the press release. Important information should be shared early in your press release so that the journalist reading it doesn’t have to search for vital details, such as when and where the announcement or event is taking place and who will
be there.

Brands that are making an inclusive impact

Beauty for all campaign by Fenty click here the first beauty brand to raise awareness on inclusivity and diversity. Fenty along with MAC, VIVA GLAM and more is included in this blog from the Pull Agency on The Brands Promoting inclusivity.

British interactive media association, https://bima.co.uk/culture/ is a page about culture, that encourages inclusivity, diversity and well-being to its BIMA members.

We are seeing more B Corp businesses that positively impact communities, consumers and the planet, encouraging well-being from doing good, learn more here https://bcorporation.uk/b-corp-certification/what-is-a-b-corp/

What can technology enable within our health and well-being space? What value can it bring? 

Dove campaigned against TikTok’s bold glamour filter shown below

The Pull Agency say ‘It is more important than ever for beauty brands to consider consumer self-esteem, how to advocate this and how to encourage confidence & positivity.’ Here is a link to their blog post https://www.thepullagency.com/blog/the-ugly-side-to-tiktok-s-bold-glamour-filter


To summarise, I have opened a channel or platform for brands and consumers to converse and work towards a change in culture, this is because on social media young consumers often portray the best of themselves with fake filters and create something that isn’t their reality. This can lead to young people trying to live up to their online selves, where they are met with compare and despair, leaving them feeling down about themselves. This campaign is to encourage brands to hear more from a young consumer online perspective and help them by providing advice, and encourage further responsibility when marketing their products. Could brands offer a holistic approach? Can we help young consumers to accept their natural selves? 

Dr Sara Nesteruk, spoke to us about diegetic prototypes (speculative designs) and referenced David Kirby. I would consider some of my project as speculative as the OOH would need financial backing to bring it into the real world so are therefore visuals (for now). The project’s social media and website is live and can be interacted with and developed. So what next for my project, writing speculatively – the hope would be that this evolves and gains traction on social media within the #brandsunfiltered hashtag. I have brought my campaign to the attention of The Pull Agency and with time would like to bring it to others to see how we could work together.

Beyond the Module

I would like to follow on with this project and see how far I can push it, it would feel like an accomplishment to help people because of the campaign.

I have always enjoyed advertising and I have enjoyed this project. I would like to pursue a career within a design or advertising agency, whether that is as a graphic designer, manager, freelancer or owner. 

577 Words

TMA1442 Graphic Design Major Study Written Critical Reflection. Total Word Count 4194

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Saputo, s. Google. (2019). How Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty delivered ‘Beauty for All’ – and a wake-up call to the industry. Future of Marketing. https://www.thinkwithgoogle.com/intl/en-gb/future-of-marketing/management-and-culture/diversity-and-inclusion/how-rihannas-fenty-beauty-delivered-beauty-for-all-and-a-wake-up-call-to-the-industry/

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