6. Contemporary Practitioners

As a working graphic designer within the industry, to stay competitive I, among others like to see what our contemporary practitioners, agencies and designers are doing and this inspires, here are some I take inspiration from?

Practitioner in Illustration and Design

Julia Allum is an illustrator and designer who I follow on social media. I love her work. Julia creates flat graphics illustrations for advertising, she has her own style which is recognisable as soon as you see it. The beautiful bright colours, geometrics, perspectives, and use of positive and negative space is eye-catching, her visuals and clever copywriting inspire me to try and achieve better work. She clearly has a passion and plenty of patience for creating those illustrations in Adobe Illustrator. You can see her work here: https://juliaallum.co.uk/

Global Agency, Landor & Fitch

Landor & Fitch is one of the world’s leading brand and design agencies, their work is super innovative with a plethora of blue-chip clients and major projects up their sleeve. This will attract top talent to work for and with them, as collaborating with the best will generate innovative outcomes. It’s great to see so many female directors within this agency, the top-tier positions in the design industry have always appeared male-dominated. I think this is changing now. You can see their work here https://landorandfitch.com/en

Local Global Agency, Agency TK

Agency TK are based in Leeds, West Yorkshire they have been around for a long time, specialising in branding. Their website has always been cool, full of glossy photos, fantastic typography and animation. They also have various blue-chip client portfolios. You can see their work here: https://agencytk.com/ 

There are many agencies I look at from time to time-based in and around Leeds, they are listed in this handy directory:  https://www.allinleeds.com/agencies/

I also look at Business Up North for the latest news on agencies here: https://www.businessupnorth.co.uk/marketing/

and read Design Week, Creative Review, Eye, Marketing Week, Drum and more.

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