5. Historical Reference to My Project

Within a workshop, we were asked to ‘Position historical reference to your practice and to your project proposal, who are major practitioners in graphic design.’

Shown above: I photographed my On Brand, Wally Olin’s book to show an example of his work.

Among my favourite influences in graphic design are:

Wally Olins is renowned for his knowledge of branding, he had a great deal of knowledge and insight for predicting future trends, which can be seen in this book ‘Brand New’ found here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Wally-Olins-Brand-New-Brands/dp/050029139X . I acknowledge that what he wrote about in his day has now evolved. Branding then had more time to be developed before it was seen by the public. Today, with social media accounts, brands have a more humanistic or personal approach by having to respond more instantly and are more accountable. My project sees brands using influencers to demonstrate beauty products to appear more authentic. Brands are battling to win the hearts and minds of the consumer by offering something better than their competitors. This is why ‘value propositioning’ is important for companies to understand. 

Learn more on value propositions here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/markevans/2013/10/31/why-value-propositions-are-important-and-how-to-create-them/?sh=16baebe616c0

Abram Games was employed by the government for WW2 ad campaigns, his work inspires me for its design simplicity and effective messages. As I am doing an advertising awareness campaign, I will look at his work as a reference. https://www.abramgames.com/home

Shown above: I photographed my book to show an example of Muller-Brockmann.

Josef Muller-Brockmann developed the grid system, and ever since learning about him, I have practised using the grids within print design for over 20 years. Grids are embedded into digital design and UX/UI design systems. Indeed, having researched the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio in my last module, another mathematical grid system, I discovered artists going back to Michelangelo were using the 1.618 golden ratio when he painted ‘The Creation of Man’  I have written about in Olins, Games and Muller-Brockmann in my other modules, but I wanted to reference them here as they are relevant to my project. Where their knowledge will help me.

Herb Lubalin’s treatment of typography even though designed decades ago, still looks relevant today, which is a testament to great design work and something I would like to adhere to. 

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