4. Context and Case Studies


To put some context on my project here are a few questions and answers.

  1. What is the creative problem?
    I am looking at media channels that influence the appearance and mental health and well-being resulting in ‘compare and despair’ syndrome. This is to unpick how culture and community support young consumers and bring new insights for the beauty industry to support a positive change.
  2. Who is the target customer?
    The target customer is 18-25 year-olds but this campaign can help people of all ages groups.
  3. Why I’ve chosen my methods and who else has used those?
    I have chosen a questionnaire to survey students and gain first-hand knowledge into new insights. I am doing a split test email to see how my campaign is responded to. A good-cause campaign on this course is a great opportunity to give something back to society. Paid real-world opportunities can be done, but are often limited resources.


Having read ‘Snap happy’ brands: Increasing publicity effectiveness through a snapshot aesthetic when marketing a brand on Instagram, I learnt about studio aesthetic and snapshot aesthetic, its research results said;

“Results show that for each of these variables, the means of respondents following the Instagram account utilizing a snapshot aesthetic were significantly higher than the means of those respondents” (Colainder, Jan 2018)

I found this interesting that brands are following the social media etiquette of how consumers use the platform, creating a subliminal effect of snapshot aesthetic for optimum results. As a designer, I need to be conscious of this and the impact on consumers.

Case Study

The Pull Agency, created a campaign for Tangle Teezer, East Dry and Go Brush although this is a campaign to sell a product, I looked at this case study because of the success they had on TikTok, in my survey this app is the second favourite among students. The case study says that they aimed this at under-25-year-olds as they already had an over-25-year-old target audience. They added that to gain engagement you need to fit in with the platform saying using influencers for a 20-second tutorial is the best way over branded campaigns otherwise rates will suffer. Native influencer videos that look raw and unedited appear to be successful on TikTok within this post. It’s interesting to read that not only are brands themselves working with influencers but design agencies are too. 

Click here to read the case study


The Pull Agency have done various podcasts on sustainability, Gen Z and other beauty industry insights.

This is a easy dry and go product tutorial video, The Pull Agency didn’t do this one.  I have found this on YouTube to share a demonstration of an influencer video.

Shown below is my first concept for an Instagram Story post. This can be seen on my Instagram account here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CtbVLYug6tD/?utm_source=ig_web_button_share_sheet&igshid=MzRlODBiNWFlZA== 

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Colliander, J., & Marder, B. (2018). ‘Snap happy’ brands: Increasing publicity effectiveness through a snapshot aesthetic when marketing a brand on Instagram. Computers in Human Behaviour , 78, 34-43. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.chb.2017.09.015

The Pull Agency. WE SMASHED ENGAGEMENT RATES AND REACHED HALF A MILLION CONSUMERS ON TIKTOK!. https://www.thepullagency.com/work/tangle-teezer

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