3. Concepts from Research

In week 03, I was tasked with researching my industry mapping in relation to my project. I created the abstract in correlation to the body form linking it to my human-centred project which was started in another module and now developed further for my proposal. 

Indicated on the mapping above, on the BBC News site, I found a campaign called #filterdrop by influencer and model Sasha Pallari who managed to persuade the ‘ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) to rule that if influencers and celebrities use filters to exaggerate the effect of cosmetic products to promote skin care they should state so, as this could be misleading.’ This is a positive insight and will aid my awareness campaign on compare and despair and mental health and well-being for young consumers in a digital age. I am following @sashapallari on Instagram (Hallett, Feb 2021).

My survey at Huddersfield University concluded that students wanted to see more unfiltered media and for example a BBC news article about face altering and ethnicity filters by Instagram and how it makes users and in particular Asian users feel, also endorses my campaign. (Lee, Oct 2020)

I saw this book on Amazon with 4 1/2 star reviews and the title ‘No Filter: How Instagram transformed business, celebrity and culture’ as well as the price it enticed me to buy. The book claims that Instagram has changed millions of lives through society, culture and business which I agree with having used the app, canvassed students’ feedback and listened to family and friends. What it is saying about forging deeper relationships, and networks and building personal brands, I can resonate with. I would say personal branding is done consciously or unconsciously through the influence of peers and the environment. Digital validation is a way of measuring success, encouraging comparisons and trying to keep up with digital culture, ultimately leading to despair. On the flip side, the app has generated careers for celebrity influencers. On page xxi Frier discusses filters and how our phone photography with filters improves¬†appearance to meet aspirations, and states that Instagram has its own #nofilter community for raw photos. The #nofilter insight into Instagram is positive.¬†

Shown here are my initial rough concepts that I will work on using industry standard software Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects to start with the animated Instagram social media campaign.

390 words


Frier, S. (2021). No Filter: The Inside Story of Instagram. Penguin.

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