2. Graphic Design Research

Week 01 – Primary Research for Project Proposal

Week 01 task was to produce an infographic timeline for my project proposal. As my project is based on humans, the partial fingerprint impression is my solution. 2 lines indicate 2 jobs.

The media/press pack intentionally wasn’t added to the infographic and will be done depending on time.

Questionnaire Research Results

Research analysis from questionnaires shown above and in my portfolio, the open questions are within my portfolio. 

The research demonstrates qualitative data to assist the creative outcomes for the original brief. I will demonstrate objectivity and critical awareness with my final concepts.

In conclusion to my research questions:

  1. What are young consumers’ beauty and personal image mental health, and well-being effects caused through media?

    On average 4-8 apps were used with Instagram being the most popular app and viewed up to 6 times a day. Most said they ‘sometimes’ compare themselves to others with just over half following cosmetic and fashion brands. 18-25 year-olds say friends and family influence their appearance whilst over 25’s said brands. Just over half said they keep up with beauty trends. When asked ‘How confident are you?’ from options; quiet, shy and very most said ‘quiet’. Most students wear high-street fashion.

    Most students said they would like to see natural beauty on social media with fewer filters and a diverse and inclusive culture. On the positive side of social media, it encourages self-care by wanting to dress better and provides inspiration. 

  2. What measures can be taken to help young consumers?
    In England we live in a multicultural society, students surveyed in Huddersfield would like to see more in the media who look like them, to see less filters more inclusive and diverse media.

    Research within Huddersfield may not be relevant to other parts of the world.

  3. What can I learn from this research topic as a graphic designer and what can other graphic designers do to help?
    We need to collaborate, talk to and listen to young consumers regularly to respond with more informed marketing communication through digital devices.
  4. What can the beauty industry learn from this research and how can they help?
    The beauty industry can’t ignore Instagram as one of the most popular media channels, showing a more natural look without filters. ASA rule, no exaggerating filters on cosmetic products, see https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-55824936. Brands with tips and tricks on how to achieve a body positive outlook inside and out with authenticity are key. Corporate social responsibility is a must-have, on social media. 

“Staying in position therefore requires a brand to constantly research, monitor and listen to what their consumers want because, ultimately, brands are not about companies, they are about people.” (Slade-Brooking, C., 2016, P.125).

This quote resonated with me and my human-centred research project on beauty and brands in the media.

Primary source –  A visit to the Design Museum and V&A, London

On Friday 19th May, I went to the V&A and Design Museum to see exhibitions which included displays of beauty and fashion. I viewed Yinki Ilori, Ai Weiwei and The Offbeat Sari collection along with their usual product design displays. This gave me an insight into other cultures as well as our own.


HALLYU! The Korean Wave Exhibition at V&A
Advertised on their website it refers to the cultural impact on beauty and fashion industries through the making of the Korean Wave. I photographed some of the displays to refer to and I was interested in how the popularity of K Pop came over to the Western world. On display were archival materials, photography, video and objects. 


600 words


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