1. Introduction to Graphic Design MA Module

Week 00 - Research for Project Proposal

The fifth and final module for my major graphic design project, is based on ‘Beauty and the Media’. It will include primary and secondary research, along with context, technical and creative, and presentation. This will be documented in the following graphic design MA blogs. The project proposal will demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of contemporary graphic design practice. To learn more click here.  

Project Proposal Outcomes
  1. Primary Research
  2. Initial ideas from research
  3. Concept Development
  4. Split Testing and final email campaign
  5. Awareness Campaign animation for Social Media and/or web
  6. Web page or site (Advertorial/PR) Banners
  7. OOH (Out of home) advertising – digital visuals only
  8. Campaign Posters
  9. Adverts for Publication – digital visuals only
  10. Media press pack – Time permitting

To view my Gantt chart from the Research Methods Module click here.

Research Poster

These were placed on each of the 4 floors within the Barbara Hepworth Building and in Student Central at The University of Huddersfield. 

Research Questionnaires

The questionnaire is uploaded here: https://designedbycg.co.uk/beauty-and-the-media-questionnaire/ I also printed it in black and white and placed them in Student Union and Barbara Hepworth Building.

Research on Social Media

This post is also placed on the Huddersfield Town Centre Regeneration Group. I also contacted Student Union to see if they could reach out for potential Student responses.

Canvassing for students to fill in forms

On Friday the 12th May and Wednesday 17th May, I went to Student Central at The University of Huddersfield with forms, pens, envelopes and chocolate bars as a treat for spending time filling in my form. On the 12th May I got 15 students and on the 17th May I got 28 students to complete the forms. On Friday 19th May I went on a university coach trip to the Design Museum, London and took questionnaires for students to complete.

Above: Photo I took at the Design Museum featuring Yinki Ilori’s work, a British Nigerian artist from London. https://yinkailori.com/ Yinki’s work uses vibrant colours and geometric patterns which I was drawn to.

Creating a Brand Identity, Book Research

I started reading this book whilst studying my last 2 modules, and I am in the last chapter about delivering the final design. I highly recommend this book as it resonated with me from being in the industry and brought further insights.

The reason I am adding a citation here is that Chapter 1 discusses consumer culture and why we buy, ‘We know we buy for basic human survival followed by a lifestyle that is influenced by culture and society. Social pressures for the need to fit in can be influenced by our buying decisions.’ (Slade-Brooking, C., 2016, P.10).

The beauty brand industry in the past has mainly been aimed at the female gender but with media highlighting diversity the male gender is now more than ever been targeted too.

I believe beauty brands can play an instrumental part in sharing innovations to help with inclusivity adding to an improved life for everyone.

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Slade-Brooking, C. (2016). Creating a Brand Identity. Laurence King Publishing Ltd.

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