Beauty Brand Design Agencies

Secondary research is a starting tool to gauge and help make design decisions on the direction of my final major project. I have looked at these agencies that specialise in beauty brands to see how they are reaching their target audiences.

The Pull Agency

Creates campaigns for:

  • Schwarzkoff Professional
  • Symprove
  • Carmex
  • allbeauty

The sites includes a ‘Future of Beauty Podcast’ found They could be a potential partner for my project. These podcasts delve into how brands deal with perspectives on topics that are important to the young audience. I will reach out to The Pull Agency.


Creates campaigns for:

  • Amazing Lash Studio
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Epience

This US design agency specialises in beauty branding and have won multiple awards, according to MSLK ‘The visuals in beauty branding can and should speak volumes. When it comes time to activate the words we use, our beauty branding agency relies on them to tell aspects of the brand that visuals alone cannot convey.’ Our Beauty Branding Agencyís Tale on Brand Building,


Creates campaigns for:

  • Vogue
  • Boots
  • Feel Unique
  • Look Fantastic

A digital brand agency for beauty brands based in London targeted towards the female market audience in products, clinics, salons and wellness. This site includes case studies which discussed the clients pain points and their solutions to the brief. I can structure my findings in a similar manner.

This is Jelly

Creates campaigns for:

  • H&M
  • Benefit Cosmetics
  • Bolton Brown
  • Boots
  • Durex

Although this agency isnít specifically aimed at beauty but does do work for the beauty industry, they are a platform dedicated to collaborations with a network of global freelancers from interdisciplinary backgrounds, they base teams together to work on client projects. This is Jelly also have a future talent program for creatives.

Global Cosmetic News

Dr Anneke Pettican let me know about this company, this site covers product ethics, sustainability, regulatory, marketing, manufacturing, retail, includes podcast, video and events. Discusses fashion and beauty. This is a great reference into whatís going on within the industry.

My Next Steps

I will email or phone The Pull Agency about my project on ëBeauty and the Mediaí  to see if it interests them, and to try and form a collaboration. I will listen to the podcasts and delve deeper into all these sites to learn more. I will also look at other agencies or companies that work within beauty. After doing a search on google, I couldn’t see much on beauty brand design agencies within the Yorkshire region. The search goes on.

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