4. Convergences in Art and Design

Professor Nicholas Clear, Dean, The School of Art and Humanities at the University of Huddersfield gave a lecture on his career and experience of convergences within the industry. Some of his paths have been peripatetic in the way that he has jumped from one job to another. Nicholas is a postgraduate architect but has also worked as an academic, writer, teacher, researcher, artist, filmmaker, curator, designer, art technician, builder, and more. Through this, he has built an understanding of how to work with others and develop skills. Questioning ‘what if?’ and ‘what are?’ he went on to reference Christopher Frayling, design-based methods (1993) 1. Research into 2. Research through 3. Research for and Nicholas added another 4. Research with. Nicholas also advised documenting the learning of your skills which is another process of research. To think about different ways of doing things. The framing of something is as important as the object itself. Nicholas says he’s always tried to find a way to bring his personal interests or passions into what he is doing as a professional and advocates doing that. He likes to see his passion take trajectories into other work forms. Nicholas referenced… “The ultimate, hidden truth of the world is that it is something that we make and could just as easily make differently” David Graebar. I think they are talking about our mindsets and how we think or go about doing things. And referenced https://www.thecreativeindustries.co.uk/ showing us a graph from the website that indicated the vast amount the creative industries contribute to the economy.


Professor Nicholas Clear spoke about the Barcelona Pavilion and its hyperbolic paraboloids (a curved cone shape or ‘Pringles’ shape) which resonated with our team’s human-formed building we are designing and visualising for our pitch. We have spoken about this as a team and Shinto is bringing the idea into visualisation. This week I have written a press release, before commencing, I researched how to do this and referenced https://www.grammarly.com/blog/press-release/?gclid=Cj0KCQiA8t2eBhDeARIsAAVEga29jOScpsWXqre2hAR9yVv9Qpg0YPrjSFI93sGpV9i9aOwk3xDeDHwaAq_GEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds as a guide. I learned that I had to write the 5 W’ who, what, why, where and when on the start-up, that I have to keep the content between 200-500 words, include high-quality images, and include a contact. I am still waiting on the images for this piece before completing it. I have also written a quote on behalf of Cathie which has been approved. Shown here is an image of the PR.

I have also worked on our social media posts. On my ‘to-do’ list is, writing and designing the banners for these posts:

  1. Opening – Including an introduction
  2. Offer – Introduction chance to win lunch for 2, on us!
  3. Upcoming events
  4. Feature on Cathie McCartan
  5. Feature on Caitlyn Matthews
  6. Host a contest
  7. Beauty and the media

Shown here are the first 2, I have worked on. The image area is taking on the shape of the body to show a cohesive take on the theme of the whole project.

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