3. Cultures of Place and Entrepreneurship

As an example of entrepreneurship, Dr Rowan Bailey spoke to us about her projects for last year’s ‘Culture of Place’ and this year’s ‘Culture of Sound’ following on from these will be ‘Creative Health’ and ‘Creative Climate’. Rowan commissions different art disciplines and, curates them all together in ‘Culture of Place’, this project was a collaboration between Kirklees Council and The University of Huddersfield, School of Arts and Humanities. To work with Kirklees council, Rowan found people who shared similar interests, tapped into their strategies and contributed to commitments so that it benefited everyone. Within this series of projects Rowan has used a graphic designer, to create a consistent recognisable identity, and states ‘Branding has to be clear, concise and accessible’. I agree, clear, concise branding is something I have endeavoured to do throughout my graphic design career, so far. 

Click the link below to view the ‘Culture of Place’ brochure demonstrating the identity:


Start-up progress

ArtBar will be a creative placemaking venture with a relaxing amphitheatre, galleries, bar and restaurant to immerse in and blur the lines between art and hospitality. 

As a group we have finalised our start-up name ‘ArtBar’ this is one of the names Cathie came up with. I suggested a play on words for the slogan ‘Dine to a fine art’ instead of the saying ‘down to a fine art’, alongside the name ‘ArtBar’ which the group agreed on. On Monday, 30th January we had a meeting showing our mood board ideas, click here to view mine, there were a lot of reds and pinks in everyone’s pitch, so I suggested we use Pantone Viva Magenta, Pantone’s colour of the year in our branding, everyone concurred. With the name and the colour choice in place, Damian is keen to do the branding, I will look forward to seeing his ideas and sharing my thoughts. My role is communications graphic designer, I will work on the press release and social media. I have suggested we have a digital billboard display with upcoming events which will also include advertising on my FMP (final major project) ‘Beauty and the Media’ which also links to the body theme at the venue. 

To project manage, I suggested ASANA, and everyone was happy with that. I have set an account up and invited everyone to start collaborating. Cathie asked the team to spend some time familiarising themselves and sharing knowledge.

I planned, actioned and added my deadlines in ASANA as shown.

Rowan kindly advised ‘Use psychodynamics to develop trust to move as a group not just as a solo’. Rowan added ‘think about post-production, for when the collaborated start-up idea is seen by employers and audiences. How do you frame something? Legacy building for audiences. To be seen she spoke about Eventbrite, social media, workshop activities and even getting out there on the high street to get people interested, and willing to reach out to the audience.’ Research on platforms, to network and be seen needs to be considered as a team. 

If we want to exhibit in the public realm we need to plan this now. Let’s Create by the Arts Council is a place-based funding initiative for creative people and place-based making. Contact: arts.creativity@kirklees.gov.uk





Video link on Cultures of Place:


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