Future Forecasting – Tasks 1-4

Source image: https://www.wundermanthompson.com/insight/the-future-100-2023

Task 1

Lecture question…
Working in a group select a single number to analyse. Consider your different perspectives. Create a set of slides that demonstrate how the research insights intersect with and influence your discipline(s) and your personal interest(s)?

My response…
My slide:
The insight is based specifically on climate activists exposing brands so that they are more ethical and sustainable, they highlight the accountability of the advertising industry. As a graphic designer, this would be a consideration to take into account when coming up with ideas and working for brands such as these within the ad industry. Ad agencies have livelihoods to bankroll so having the option to avoid working for or having the insight to advise these brands on behaviour would have to be researched.

Could Evri advertise and invest in electric vehicles and improved service and so on? They have vandalised their brand purely on service without the need for climate activists. Even with a rebrand as shown here.

Hermes brand has a reputation for poor deliveries.

Rebranded in 2022 to Evri and launched a TV campaign showing their drivers care when delivering a parcel.

Since Christmas 2022 the company has been under scrunity for undelivered parcels – currently in the media with complaints for investigation.



Task 2

Lecture question…
Working alone analyse the number you randomly selected and consider how its insights may influence your art and communication discipline and your personal interests.

My response…
12 Digital Identities

‘The article discusses the metaverse reporting that their data shows that people across the US, UK and China feel it would be easier to be their true, authentic self.’ The future of blurring the lines between physical and digital worlds is closer than ever. What is interesting, in this article is how, our image will be portrayed through AI and the effect it will have on mental health and wellbeing in the future. I am researching how beauty and the media affects 18-25 year-olds now. This will evolve in the next few years with the use of virtual and augmented reality, and will require further research.

Task 3

You don’t actually know what your future self wants
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtfaccGmCCs Shankar Vedantam – TED 2022

My response…
At the end of the TED talk Shankar says  “Stay curious, practice humility, and be brave” I may use this line.

Source image: https://www.wundermanthompson.com/insight/the-future-100-2023

Task 4

Lecture question…
Speculate what insights the Future 100 2023 may offer in relation to your creative direction, personal interests and ethos?

My response…
As a graphic designer, I will have to learn and prepare for and embrace future technologies like Web3 and NFTs in the virtual world. 

As suggested in The Future 100 ‘Blue chip brands want to expand opportunities for growth for its consumers’ (The Future 100, p72, 2023). I will need to learn more about avatars, brand ambassadors, persona, and storytelling to connect with consumers who want to immerse and engage with the brand/s I will be working with. 

Brand ambassadors are not only real people but also virtual avatars for customised experiences, according to The Future 100. This will be interesting to see how this develops in the near future in terms of marketing and design. 

Climate change is showcased through news channels making us all aware of what is going on, in turn making us more conscience as consumers. Brands are becoming more aware of sustainability with regard to climate change and as consumers, that’s who we want to associate with. 

There is a lot of discussion on brand inclusivity and equality for consumer engagement and sales conversions. Designing products for inclusivity for disabled consumers are also highlighted. As a practicing designer inclusivity especially when working on government projects has always been considered, however in the private sector with the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement I’m sure this will have added pressure for inclusivity.

“NFTs are changing the future of loyalty, giving buyers exclusive access to select brand experiences.” (The Future 100, p83, 2023) Will this initially be aimed at tech-savvy young adults with disposable incomes until it becomes more well-known within society? As a designer looking at niche markets, would this be a reactive research to live briefs rather than proactive research? 

Wunderman Thompson, The Future 100, Trends and change to watch in 2023, 2023


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