2. What is Enterprise and Entrepreneurship?

Catherine Brentnall from Enterprise Education, at The University of Huddersfield, came into campus to talk to us. The enterprise team will develop skills, help you think about your future, learn how to build relationships with stakeholders, and help you think in transformative ways, including skills in compassionate communication. Catherine said, “Doesn’t matter how long after you graduate you can gain advice from the enterprise teams.” https://students.hud.ac.uk/opportunities/enterprise/

We were given tasks to do based on our group collaborations, we were advised about contributions as a member of the team, to individually read, write our ideas and then communicate them to the group. We learned how to communicate when individuals dominate the collaboration to allow everyone to contribute as a team, making decisions together. OPERA is an abbreviation for Own, Pair, Explain, Rank, Arrange Catherine said “Every OPERA starts with a question” and she sent us another task asking ‘How can we tackle the climate emergency and make West Yorkshire a better place?’ we were paired up and individually wrote down our ideas for 3 mins. Catherine asked us to share them with whoever we paired up with. We then had to work out which idea to put forward and work as a team.

Prof Alex Coles and DR. Janine Sykes talked to us about various roles and they listed this example:

  • Visualiser
    Artsteps / Draw / Sketches / Concepts / Content creation
  • Project Managers
    Organise meetings / Events / Gantt chart / Health and safety
  • Communications
    Digital and Social Media Marketing / Strategies / Press Release
  • Technicians Assistants
    Installation / Paint / Build 
  • Interpretations
    Programming / Text Panels / Investigation

Following this, I will write about my role within the group collaboration and what we are doing as a team. 

Start-up idea, so far

A go-to destination where customers can see art pieces, relax, eat and drink a kind of a cafe lounge gallery merged in one place. The business would be a place to eat and drink during the day and then serve alcohol in the evenings. The artworks would be protected in their zones in and around the space. This would be where the themes of the pieces shown are changed 2-3 times a year to keep visitors interested and encourage promotion. We have all contributed to names for the business and narrowed it down to ‘Visionary Vault’ and ‘Artelier La Voúte’ but we are still deciding what the final name will be, alongside the brand name would be Art-Bar-Kitchen. As 4 of us in the team have our Master of Arts final major projects based on the body and in my case ‘Beauty and the Media’, I want to add advertising about this topic encouraging people to come forward for primary research, adding something of value to make it worth their while. We all want to add a piece to the 3D visualisation presentation. We also discussed ergonomics within the space so for our next meeting we are coming up with mood board ideas.

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