5. Artbar Development W/C 13th Feb

On Wednesday 15th February, our group met up at the university for a meeting to update one another on progress. 

Photoshoot and Team Meeting

Cathie had brought in her miniature mannequin dressed in one of the costume designs she had made, this was for a pre-arranged photography shoot with Olivia, we all went into the photography room but Cathie, Zaki, and Olivia were the team that contributed to the shoot. Photos are shown below. I had also asked Cathie for a profile photo for an animated social media post, I selected one of the shots that were taken that morning. 

I updated the team on my progress, I created a curved abstract graphic using our colourways to use as a background, with the idea of the human curve in mind to form cohesiveness. Damian hasn’t seen this yet but I have arranged a catch-up with him to talk about using this graphic as part of our branding. The team really liked the use of the graphic which I have applied on the social media campaigns. I have created a poster for the ‘upcoming event’ and also a visual showing the poster in situ within the digital totem display. I still need to do research on online publications for our PR and show it visualised for the team this is on next week’s agenda. These are seen on the following pages. I was asked by the team to send the graphics to them to incorporate into the 3D building visualisation. 

To view the posts and read the copy more clearly, please click here.

Reading Week

I have been reading Group Genius, The Creative Power of Collaboration by Keith Sawyer. I have nearly finished reading part one ‘The Collaborative Team’:

The Power of Collaboration

In this chapter, Sawyer talks about The Wright brother’s invention of the tail of the plane to make it fly better in 1903, he mentions ‘invisible collaboration’, the Wright brothers lived and did everything together so the collaboration was undocumented and unseen but because they spoke about their project every day they figured out how to modify the vertical tail so that it could be moved by the operator. This led from one achievement to another.’ (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 5)

Improvising Innovation

In this chapter, Sawyer talks about a common reaction called ‘script-think’ this was referencing a play he had seen where the actors were improvising and did it so well. Due to previous rehearsals and collaborations, he says we think events are more predictable than they are.’ (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 28)

Group Flow

In this chapter, Sawyer talks about ‘peak experience’ within a group flow when he discusses a basketball team, who was feeling in control of their actions due to past, present, and their environment.’ (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 49)

Ten conditions for group flow are:

1. Group goal
2. Close listening
3. Complete concentration
4. Being in control
5. Blending egos
6. Equal participation
7. Familiarity
8. Communication
9. Moving forward
10. The potential for failure


Sawyer, K. (2017). Group Genius The Power of Collaboration (2nd ed.). Basic Books.

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