6. Artbar Development W/C 20th Feb

For this week, I have worked on creating a visual to showcase the PR online, shown below. I have asked the team on MS Teams to send me a 3D image of Artbar. I used The Yorkshire Post as a template and took a screenshot. I have adapted and changed it for visual purposes only. Cathie sent me her profile information as well as her images for the social media post on her, I have made an animated showreel of her work including an intro screen which can be seen here: https://designedbycg.co.uk/artbar-development-w-c-20th-feb/. I have asked Caitlyn to send her information and images when she has a moment on MS Teams.

Our team meeting was held on Tuesday 21st February, where we discussed our progress. Cathie asked the team to write 200 words each for our group presentation on Fri 24th February so that she can represent us. Here is what I wrote…

Graphic Design and Communications

The graphic design and communications have been generated by Christine using Adobe Creative Suite: InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and After Effects for the animation. The PR has been written with guidance from Grammarly, and social media marketing guidance is from Sprout Social. Our posters are visualised in a digital display mockup image which is a Photoshop file from Freepik and is free to use. 

Designed and written are:

  1. PR Release
  2. Yorkshire News online PR visual shown within ‘Events’ 
  3. Curved abstract graphic background using our brand colourways, with the idea of the human curve in mind to form cohesiveness. 
  4. Website home page
  5. Social Media Posts
  6. Poster for the ‘Upcoming events’ and ‘Beauty and the Media’ (personal FMP project)
  7. Visuals showing the posters within the digital totem display

Social media campaign – banner graphics for each post include:

  1. Opening Launch!
  2. Introductory Offer! Have lunch on us!
  3. Upcoming Events!
  4. 50% off your next purchase! (Sponsored)
  5. Introducing Cathie McCartan!
  6. Introducing Caitlyn Matthews!

These posts are written by Cathie and Caitlyn who supplied me with the copy and photographs to create a show-reel animation which can be seen online here https://designedbycg.co.uk/artbar-development-w-c-20th-feb/

The graphic design and communications are shown on the following Creative Innovation blogs.

For the ‘Beauty and the Media’ digital display I used the colour gradient that Instagram uses for their app icon and used a photo of my niece on her phone taking a selfie for social media, I found this image of her on her Instagram account and asked her by phone message if I could have her permission to use this for my university work, chat shown above.

Group Presentation

On Friday 24th February, our group presented to the entire creative MA pathway students, Cathie and Caitlyn had created a Powerpoint using copy and images that we had all sent to them for it. Alex spoke about having 1 or 2 representatives for the team as the focus on 1 or 2, made it easier to understand. We have worked together as a collective, and through seeing the presentation, Alex and Janine our course leaders could see that. They commented that it had given it a personality, and democratisation. They also said we had covered all the ABC outcomes and were impressed with the co-ownership, ethical and eco-thinking model.

They added that our presentation was a good example of objective C because we had considered online access, artist and post-graduates, ie ranges of customers and stakeholders.

Due to time limitations, as a team, we hadn’t seen the presentation Cathie and Caitlyn put together. We only had 5 slides and 5 minutes to present, so they couldn’t cover everything we contributed. At the end of the presentations and through seeing other groups’ work, I realised we needed to include a web page visual and I put it to the team. This is now on my agenda.




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