Visualise your own relationship to place – Task 5

In this week’s lecture, we had a look at ‘place; and ‘place-based making’, creative placemaking.

From our lecture, we were introduced to Raymond Williams and one of his quotes on ‘Culture is ordinary’ from 1958. I noted that we are born into a culture with its own history and meanings and then we make our own new observations and meanings and add them to our culture. We all have the tools to make our own culture, through education and learning.


Visualising my own relationship to ‘place’

During 2021, in Huddersfield, there was a ‘Cultures of Place Festival’
covering topics  which included:

  • After Ours 
  • Depth/Gauge 
  • Graphics Events 
  • Textiles: Made in Huddersfield 
  • Looming [de]Vices – [RE]assembled Machines 
What are the differences between cultures of making/making place?

Cultures of making are our history and our present, experience in ordinary lives living within society, it is constantly changing through new observations and through trying new things. It exists through things like cooking, gardening, reading, arts and crafts and other skills that are learned and passed on through society. Wayfaring by nature.

Making place is the location where society comes together to build connections through common interests, and friendships, to learn from, build new or share skills with others. The Culture of Place Festival is an example of making place within Huddersfield.

How might cultures of making be of value/importance to you?

It is an opportunity to add or make changes to our culture, to be open to new things, learning and cultural development. 

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