Aims & Objectives – Task 10


To create a good-cause awareness campaign. I will investigate what young consumers’ beauty and personal image, mental health and wellbeing issues are, and assess how to reduce compare and despair syndromes among young people aged 18-25. Once the issues have been determined through research, I will work on the campaign, I will be looking at identifying positive ways to use media in relation to beauty and personal image perspectives. Final research results would not only be useful for young consumers but for the beauty industry, to help them understand young consumers’ behaviour.


  1. I will consider partnering with charity, brand or mental health institution to create a good impact.

  2. Inquiry into corporate social responsibility within the beauty industry

  3. Look for solutions to counteract mental ill-health for young consumers’ beauty and personal image in media

  4. I will use on and offline literature research 

  5. Questions will be raised with 18-25 years by focus groups and questionnaires

  6. I will research other graphic designers campaigns and solutions, to inspire and springboard my own ideas for outputting the campaign.

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