7. ArtBar Development W/C 27th Feb

From the group presentation last week, I noted that our team had spoken about Virtual Reality for people who couldn’t physically see the venue, perhaps looking at it from overseas, something I hadn’t considered. Through a group discussion the team spoke about the entrance and stairs, and how they had thought about accessibility for the disabled by designing the building with a few stairs with a ramp at the side so that the disabled person can stay with his or her group, then levelled off and another few more stairs with ramp alongside. This will be shown in the visuals, the deadline for this is 15th March. I have communicated with Aqeel, Zaki, and Shinto about missing photos that I will need from them once the 3D Renders of the venues are complete. On Wednesday 22nd February, Caitlyn sent me her images and copy for her profile social media post. I have used her public profile image from LinkedIn and created an animated show-reel of her work, this has been uploaded online here https://designedbycg.co.uk/artbar-development-w-c-20th-feb/. 

On my agenda for next week, I will design the home page website visual, which is another job I have acquired from seeing the other presentations. After a meeting on campus on Thursday 1st March, I reminded the team I needed artwork of the building or interior for my PR. I also discussed the digital display boards within the building I had designed but the team liked the idea of it being bigger and more impactful, I have a 121 meeting with Cathie, on Friday 2nd March to discuss it further. The artwork for the display will be scaled to suit and completed next week.

Shown below is some of the building development to date from Shinto, this will provide a visual reference for my digital display. Caitlyn also suggested we use my abstract artwork as a rug within the venue, shown here, along with the communications put out to the public, it will show a cohesive look and feel for Artbar.

Deadlines and Communications

In an earlier meeting, we had discussed a group Gantt chart, but Cathie created a Word file after discussing it with our group, and the deadlines are shown below. Throughout our collaboration as a collective, we have used various methods of communication either in person at group meetings, by chat or video call on MS Teams, by email, and by our Whatsapp group chat. This has been daily throughout the process of building our project proposal. Shown below.

Research through reading

I have continued reading Group Genius, The Creative Power of Collaboration by Keith Sawyer. The book discusses ‘brainstorming how critical opinions at the start of group discussions is best left unsaid to keep creativity and flow going’. (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 69). ‘Sawyer discusses a facilitator to make sure that all the participant’s skills are represented within the group’. (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 70). Artbar’s facilitator has been Cathie, everyone’s input is important, so we all want to be heard. Cathie’s approach to the whole team has been very amenable. Some ideas from our team have been dumped on Teams/Whatsapp, rather than the traditional method of brainstorming using stickies in a meeting room. Albeit, we set up ASANA (a project management tool) as a group we haven’t ended up using it. 

The book says “One way to prevent topic fixation is to give group members time periods to work alone, and alternative solitary time with group interaction.” (Sawyer, K, 2017, p. 76). As discussed above our group has done this throughout the project, with solitary ideas put into electronic chat for feedback. This has worked for our team.


Sawyer, K. (2017). Group Genius The Power of Collaboration (2nd ed.). Basic Books.

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