Find 5 quotations from your selected 12 texts – Task 7

Key Questions
  1. Who is the author?
  2. What is the text about?
  3. What is interesting about the quotation?
  4. How is it useful to your chosen topic/theme?

Quote 1 from Creative Research

“Research is a systematic process of inquiry. And design, by its very nature, takes a people-centred approach to problem solving.”


  1. Hillary Collins, Professor of Design
    Management has experience of teaching
    research methods.
  2. Research methods for the creative industries.
  3. How the book will aid problem solving.
  4. Help guide me on research structure for the topic I have chosen.


Quote 2 from Building a Storybrand

“Building a Storybrand will forever transform the way you talk about who you are, what you do, and the unique value you bring to your customers.”


  1. Donald Miller teaches business professionals on how to grow a business and enhance personal value.
  2.  Building a storybrand and clarifying your message so that customers will listen.
  3. Clarifying your message, there are so many sources of information, how can we stand out from the noise?
  4. Create a clear effective message across the awareness campaign


Quote 3 from Designing for the greater good

“Examples of the best nonprofit and cause-related design worldwide, plus 24 inspiring case studies and insights into great nonprofit branding campaigns.”


  1. Peleg Top is a designer, author, speaker, and business owner. Jonathan Cleveland, award-winning graphic designer, and business owner.
  2. Features interviews with leading designers who do cause-related work and includes examples, including case studies.
  3. Uses examples of cause-related design and includes case studies.
  4. Insight into non-profit campaigns


Quote 4 from Ogilvy on Advertising

“In this classic guide to the world of advertising, the most successful adman of all time tells you how to make advertising work.”


  1. David Ogilvy attributed the success of his campaigns to research into consumer habits.
  2. Effective copywriting in advertising.
  3. The most successful ‘adman’ advising on how to create successful advertising.
  4. This will help with copywriting the awareness campaign.


Quote 5 from Mindwise

“We all come from different backgrounds and are influenced by society, which includes family, friends, and media, all of which contribute to how we think about ourselves and what is the ideal body.”


  1. Mindwise
  2. How the body image affects mental health and wellbeing.
  3. It suggests no matter who we are we all affected by culture and how it makes us feel about our appearance.
  4. It should help with how appearance influences behaviours and mental health and wellbeing.

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