Revisit the structure of the project proposal and come up with an action plan – Task 8

  1. What is the research question/topic/issue or theme you want to explore?

    Beauty and the Media

  2. What different contexts might your topic apply to – commercial, artistic, cultural, community, tourism, heritage, environmental, educational?

    Commercial – 
    advertising and selling beauty products. Artistic – how the product is applied to make you look beautiful. Cultural – living in a society that uses cosmetics to enhance our looks. Community – feeling accepted in social gatherings. Heritage – how beauty products have been used for generations. Environmental – FMCG are thrown away in household waste filling landfills. Educational – learning how to look beautiful and how to behave in society. 

  3. What types of methods/approaches/processes might be used to explore the topic/theme/issue/question in more detail?

    Literature reviews. A look at the ethical issues. A poll on social media and a questionnaire in the university with students. Encoding and decoding advertising from beauty and personal image brands, what they are doing to make their campaigns effective and how I can make my campaign effective. Methodologies of deduction, curation and design ethnography.

  4. Think about different creative methods and creative skills you might want to use to realise your ideas/practice/outcomes?

    I will look at historic campaigns, I will be producing concepts for an awareness campaign through various channels that young people are looking at. I will use my graphic design skills acquired from working in the industry and create the campaign

  5. How do you propose to approach this topic in relation to your subject specialism?

    Through design ethnology and deduction, I will build up an understanding on everyday lives and experiences of beauty and mental health, my aim would be to work on ideas for concept development and implementing it.

  6. What work/outputs might you generate?

    Graphic design of on and offline campaign collateral
  7. How might a graphic designer, interior designer, artist, fashion or textiles specialist, animator, photographer or other create a project on a topic/theme?

    I will research, then create a campaign brief to hit the aims and objectives of my topic, beginning with scamps for idea generation, planning the design and making the on and offline campaign.

  8. Have you got a GANTT Chart or timetable with deadlines of different phases of your research practice for your project proposal?

    This will appear in the appendix and will include term 2 and term 3.

  9. Do you have some clear aims and SMART objectives?

    This will be included task 10, p30

  10. What specific thought processes/insights do you currently have about the project management and delivery of your proposed idea?

    See task 10, p30

  11. Weigh up your ideas with a SWOT: Strengths/Weaknesses/Obstacles/Threats
    See project proposal, p37

  12. What kind of practical work or development work might you include in an appendix at the end of your written proposal?

    The Gantt chart will appear here.- 

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